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In answer to Peter Oborne - Ed West

Peter Oborne's piece in the Telegraph yesterday brought UKIP some deserved attention, not least from Lord Hesketh during a TV interview yesterday but from Ed West, a journalist for the Telegraph who broadly agress with Oborne except for his comment that UKIP were 'Conservatives in exile".

Ed West observes that UKIP "certainly wins most of its voters from the Tories, but it also gains considerable support from ex-Labour and Liberal Democrat people, many of whom do not share the party leaderships' obsession with Europe or with other high-status opinions."

On the BBC, Ed West not only agrees that they have shunned and ignored UKIP, but adds more meat to the bones. He says: "The BBC are only interested in Right-wing parties when they’re unquestionably toxic – such as the BNP – or whether they can be presented as “angry white guys”, like the Tea Party. Because Ukip cannot be be put into either category, they are of little interest to the centre-Left media".

West ends his piece by describing UKIP as having "a very big constituency", and he says it includes "very large minorities of Labour and Liberal Democrat voters and a majority of Tories – indeed one might call them England’s reticent majority."