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EU journalism prize created propaganda - UKIP

The European Parliament Journalism competition – with its €5,000 prizes – has been scrapped and not before time, according to UKIP.

Godfrey Bloom - UKIP MEP says: "I spoke to a senior employee of Europarl TV the other day, who explained that even the faintest criticism of the EU would mean a broadcast would be edited or pulled altogether. Questions on the €21m expenses of the parliament's "museum" were withdrawn almost immediately. The slightest protest against the EU within parliamentary grounds or hinterlands in Brussels or Strasbourg is broken up by security goons or police, within an hour or two. All this is commensurate with a "journalism prize". The usual subjective decision making behind closed doors to reward the poodle journalists, who laud the administration for such a wonderful job. One almost expects fake graphics on tractor production to manifest themselves at any minute. The new suggestion that credit rating agencies should be muzzled on sovereign debt tells us all we need to know."

Writing in the article about the BBC Godfrey Bloom said: "The BBC receives interest free loans from the European banking institutions which have - by their nature - a political agenda. No serious criticism is ever raised by the BBC of the EU and its institutions or, indeed, the validity of membership by the UK, under its constitution. Rewards to journalists of any sort must raise the question of journalistic independence. There will always be the question, why? What? How? In whose interest is this report and what is the end goal of the writer?".

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