A Huge Thank You to everyone who trusted UKIP with their Vote.  We won 1 of the 4 MEP seats available in Wales, coming a close second, just 0.6% of the vote behind Labour overall.  

We won 6 of the counties in Wales, and came second in every one of the others.

We came second in Newport and Pembrokeshire, by less than 300 votes.

We came second in Torfaen and Merthyr Tydfil by just over 600 votes.

Nigel Farage And Nathan Gill on Daily Politics

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Nathan Gill MEP on the Development Committee

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UKIP Wales Lead Candidate Nathan Gill's Speech At Conference

In Focus

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UKIP MEPs Turn Back On EU Flag And Anthem

The 24 Newly elected UKIP MEPs stood as the EU anthem was played at the opening of Parliament in Strasbourg on July the 1st, and turned their backs as a sign that they do not recognise the flag or the anthem of a United States of Europe...

Nigel Williams Wins seat in Flint

On the same day that UKIP Wales came a close second in the European Elections her in Wales, Nigel Williams won a historic seat in Flint Town Council...

UKIPs 24 MEPs First Week In Brussels

UKIPs MEPs have not gone to Brussels to be places and inert - they have gone to remind the Commission and the other MEPs that there is a huge portion of the British public that want the UK out of the EU and that is what we will do...

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