Nigel-v-Nick Round 2



Nigel Farage said "I believe that my party and I are now almost universally acknowledged as the standard bearers for the millions of people who want to get our country back from remote and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and especially to take control of our own borders again.

"In that regard, it may be that the leaders who did not come to debate against me are seen as even bigger losers than the one who did.

"We have never stopped believing that our country is good enough to run its own affairs again.

"And I tell you what; the events of the past 10 days or so have left me more than ever convinced that we are going to win.

"On Wednesday evening, near the end of my second debate with Mr Clegg, I invited television viewers to come and join UKIP's People's Army. 

"I really meant it. 

"And I am delighted to report that the people are answering the rallying call in record numbers - more than 1,000 new membership applications so far and more flooding in by the hour."

Regarding Labour, Nigel said:  "I think Mr Miliband must finally have got wind of the threat my party poses to him in working class communities neglected by Labour for far too long. 

"During Wednesday's debate, I made the point that uncontrolled immigration has caused huge problems in such communities. 

"It has been associated with wage compression and a massive rise in youth unemployment too. It has put huge pressure on social housing and on public services too.

"Mr Miliband can run but he cannot hide. If he has no convincing answers to these points - and I believe that he has not - then I will expose him one way or another.

As for Dave, oh dear. 

Does the man have a political principle in his body? He has been the leader of his party for nearly a decade and I have yet to discern one. He wouldn't come and debate against me but he popped up on television the next morning to have a go at me - labelling me an extremist for wanting Britain to become a self-governing country again. 

Such an approach - hurling jibes but ducking debates - does not amount to leadership in my book. 

In fact it looks like running scared.

"We in UKIP go into the European and local elections campaigns on the front foot, with morale sky high and with our People's Army growing fast. 

"I tell you what; we really are going to cause that political earthquake I have talked about. And then we are going to go and get our country back. 

"So why not come and do it with me - you'll never regret being a part of it and we'll have a lot of fun along the way."

And as if to prove his point, The latest Survation Poll shows:

Nathan Gill MEP Candidate Interviewed At Torquay Conference

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Latest Opinion Polls Show that UKIP Is In A Good Position For The Euro Election Race

We are on course to win the largest share of the vote in the May 22nd European Parliamentary elections according to a ComRes opinion poll for The Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror.

UKIP 30% (+3)
Lab 28% (+5)
Con 21% (0)
Lib Dem 8% (-10)
Green 6% (+2)
Other 7% (0)

(Change since May 2013 in brackets.) This is the first opinion poll to ask separate questions about the European elections for some time. The figures for European voting are based on the 38 per cent who say they are “absolutely certain” to vote in those elections – roughly comparable to the 34 per cent turnout in the last elections in 2009.

For the general election Labour’s lead has slipped by two points and we have risen to 16%.

Con 32% (0)
Lab 35% (-2)
Lib Dem 9% (0)
UKIP 16% (+1)
Other 8% (+1)

(Change since last month in brackets.)




7% or 75% - who is telling the truth?

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UKIP Wales Lead Candidate Nathan Gill's Speech At Conference

Nigel Farage's Statement on Same Sex Marriage - We have not changed our Policy

Nigel Farage said: “UKIP’s objection to same sex marriage was two-fold. First, we did not think it should have been made a political priority at a time of many other pressing issues and pointed out that the measure had no mandate from the electorate.

“Secondly we were concerned that because of the role of the European Court of Human Rights in British law that faith communities which had strong objections were at risk of rings.jpgbeing forced to conduct gay marriages.

“The statement attributed to me yesterday was not made by me and not approved by me. It was a draft by a staff member that should never have been sent out.
“There is an ongoing debate within UKIP about how we can protect faith communities from ultimately being compelled to conduct same sex marriages against their beliefs and their will. We note that some gay rights activists are already talking about taking legal action in Strasbourg to force this issue.”

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